Wind River Range

Here are some photos of the Wind River Range, Pinedale Wyoming. Mountain man country! The hike is the Highline Trail/Pine Creek Trail loop. starting from the Elkheart camping area (alt 10,272), up through Hobbs Lake, Seneca Lake, The Jean Lakes (alt 10,800) , Elbow Lake, Summit Lake and down back through Borum Lake, Trapper Lake, and Glimpse Lake (alt 9,300). On day 5, we descended 2,000 feet down the Pine Creek Canyon to Pine Creek and then climbed  3,000 feet back to Elkheart! The [Esc] key  gets you out of photo browsing back to this post. These images are full size, so be patient. Try “PicLens”, if that works it’s a good way to go through the pictures.

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St. John

Random images from St. John, USVI with no people.

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Mt Shasta, CA

I entertain myself in the customary manner whilst C. spends time with her group activities

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Bradley Park

Yeah, I know.

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White Trail.

Snow just started. Bradley Park, Wilton CT. A Merry Halloween to All.

Update: This has the potential to be worse than the “hurricane” as far as SW CT is concerned. The crack-boom of the big boys in the woods going down tells me so. Power went out around 1:00pm on Saturday, at which point we already had about three inches of snow on the ground.


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Got CT If You Want It

Due to popular request (where popular is defined as “one”), number 600 in an infinite series of photos of Stone walls, Trees, Ponds, Streams  and the odd clapboard dwelling.

You’re welcome, Mom 😉

If you find one you like I can send the original raw image which will be larger. I didn’t do any post processing on these, they’re right off the camera.

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